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When D&I is A Priority, Business Prospers

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When talking about diversity & Inclusion, it’s important to remember that this is not just an HR problem. The lack of attention and priority place on inclusion actually holds companies back from harnessing resources for innovation, growth and financial company success.

According to a study (Talent Innovation), 32% of women in tech quit their jobs after just one year. When you break that down, this trend carries a high price tag. The average recruiting fee is 20% of an annual salary for one employee, and the average salary is 100k or more. In other words, for a company looking to hire 10 new people to replace the ones who quit, that comes to at least $200,000 in acquisition costs alone.

By improving the company culture, leaders send the message to their teams that they value their opinions, their happiness, and ultimately their dedication to the company. In turn, this motivates talent to be more productive with their workdays and release more successful projects. Not to mention, when leadership actively demonstrates they believe in every individual's creativity and potential, they increase the sense of belonging which has a direct impact in the talent retention.

This issue carries burden of proof for why investing in diversity and inclusion has a direct and meaningful impact on business growth.

As always, we have an open call for submissions! We are super interested in what you all have to say, and would love to share it with our readers. The themes for our upcoming issues are: Belonging and Community, Strategic Inclusive Problem Solving, and Activating Knowledge. So feel free to message us if you' have related work or are interested in writing something new!

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Argo Collective will be at Culture Conference - Santa Clara, CA - April 14-15!

Argo Collective will host a workshop at Culture Conference to help Diversity & Inclusion leaders to implement gender inclusive initiatives in their companies. We are excited to hangout with the great human leaders of innovative companies like Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Linkedin, StubHub, Slack... If you are going or will be in the area, come say Hi!

"The Culture Conference is an immersive 2-day event for business leaders who are committed to building positive teams and cultures. An invite-by-application group of 175 business leaders will come together to share their personal triumphs and challenges as culture pioneers, and learn from each other about what’s working in creating and shifting culture in their organizations."

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