Impacting Change and Promoting Gender Inclusion

Trans Safety in the Tech World

Good Afternoon Argonauts!

This is the first edition of Argo Collected, a publication to help impact change and promote gender inclusion for Trans and Nonbinary people in the workplace, in schools, and in life. We hope our selection articles will offer you insight into experiences faced by Trans and Nonbinary people every day. Each issue is centered on a theme to inspire change. Up this week: The Trans Safety in The Tech World.

The tech world is one that impacts our every day lives, from the apps we use, to the jobs we hold, to the ways in which we engage with each other. At Argo Collective we are working hard to connect with tech companies to encourage gender inclusion, demystify the trans experience and offer tips and advice to start making changes today.

Here are some articles we curated to offer some insight into the ways in which the Tech Industry has impacted the lives of trans people all over the world. If you want more information about us, our work, or you just want to talk about the articles, hit us up at

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