Impacting Change and Promoting Gender Inclusion

Becoming Better Advocates in the Workplace

Good Afternoon Argonauts!

First off, welcome to all our new readers from CC18! We had an incredible time at Creating Change this year, and we loved meeting all the phenomenal people out there working, inspiring, and inciting change! This issue is a selection of articles centered around the theme of advocacy and how to be better advocates for our trans and nonbinary colleagues at work.

The workplace can be a scary place for trans and nonbinary people, and in most cases, it's unavoidable. We all need to work. And far too often, trans/NB employees are either fired or forced to quit their jobs due to a lack of support and understanding from their supervisors, colleagues and peers. This issue's theme is meant to address some of those challenges and offer a glimmer of hope. We curated this selection of articles to offer some insight into the ways in which we can all be better advocates for ourselves and for our trans and nonbinary siblings.

Also, we're putting out a call for submissions! We are always interested in what you all have to say, and we would love to hear more! The themes for our upcoming issues are: Healthy Company Culture and Belonging and Community, so send us your work or message us if you're interested in writing something new!

If you want more information about us, our work, or you just want to talk about the articles, hit us up at or contact us here.

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